Alchemy. Art Studio


Victoria Gaitán is a Spanish artist based in Barcelona. Art has always been part of her life and her creativity has evolved, from acting, through screenwriting, directing and photography, to the creative expression of the world of painting, -where through charcoal, ink or oil, investigates the multiple possibilities between spatial relationships and formal contrasts-. Although she confesses that in her work there is always the search to delve beyond the apparent and thus reach a greater understanding of herself and others. -She believes that the great challenge of this life is to reach the true essence of who we are and live from that truth, "the essence that is behind the masks of the ego and behind layers of conditioning, I try to give light to dark areas, flowing through the connection with the present and the creative process", -which for her is a great meditation and tool for self-knowledge-, "it is about seeking purity, about doing 'alchemy', about being aware of the importance of one's own authenticity, above superficiality, from which I don't think anything healthy or solid can be built." -and hence "Alchemy. Art Studio" the name of her personal project for 2023, which she is currently preparing, which in addition to her pictorial work, will include exclusive pieces of jewelry, designed and handmade by her, -mainly simple gold rings, ornamented with rough gems-, "I have always been fascinated by precious stones, for their high energetic and healing power, the properties of minerals have been known since 3,200 BC, where the Mesopotamians already created their own amulets". 

Her visual language is decidedly abstract and emphasizes formalism and color, but also relies on calligraphic marks, based on expression. She has experimented with figurative imagery, but often returns to the abstract. Her works, -predominantly with free and asymmetrical forms-, range from geometries, to organic compositions, in which she plays with space and the intensity of color, -managing to draw the viewer into a visual language, in which a dimension that elicits contemplation and deep meditation is evident- and which evokes the formal matrices of classical abstraction, that accumulate in the vocabulary of a distinctive and individual language. 

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